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World-class plastic surgery in Southeast Asia?
World-class medical care, maybe, but which world are they taling about? ...

Asian medical tourism destinations ranked by English proficiency
Worried about a host country's ability to communicate in English?...

The dimple is not simple: creation and reversal
Dimple surgery may seem like harmless fun. It isn't...

Breast enhancement cookies in Singapore
An easier method to enlarge the breast: Eat cookies...

Part 6: Singapore on myths of medical tourism
Insight from Singapore on international medical tourism and travel...

Cosmetic surgery tourism savings: Never mind.
Does the big cost difference for surgery in Asia guarantee big savings?...

Philippines seeks 1000% medical tourism lift
The Philippines offers several important advantages for foreign patients...

Worrisome plastic surgery in Cambodia
While the cosmetic surgery business is booming, so are the horror stories...

Cambodian Prime Minister warns against cosmetic surgery
Prime Minister Hun Sen has warned women to beware of lax medical standards and poor oversight...

Latest on Asian hair restoration surgery
A text authored by a group of experts sharing their experiences with hair transplantation and restoration has been published...

A new non-invasive method for brow lifting
A new cosmetic device has been approved by the FDA to allow for ultrasound energy to be used as a non-invasive alternative to surgical brow lifting...


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