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Japanese glassless glasses
Their sole connection to the act of vision is that they and the women wearing them are intended to be seen...

Japanese skin secret: Female face shaving
Daily face shaving from the forehead to the neck and more...

Insect-thin pregnant women in Japan
Nearly 10% of Japanese newborns show low birth weight due to dieting moms...

Japanese photo "surgeons" offer instant results
In the homeland to anime and manga, it was bound to happen...

Extreme Japanese beauty treatments
Try flesh-eating fish to eat away dry skin...

Anime plastic surgery
Anime-oriented surgical techniques that may soon be coming to your favorite plastic surgeon's office..

Japan's non-surgical beauty secret
The Japanese are turning to the traditional and the organic instead of plastic surgery...

A new non-incisional "thread" method for correction of eyelid ptosis
A minimally-invasive suture technique for the correction of drooping eyelids has been described in Japan...

Latest on Asian hair restoration surgery
A text authored by a group of experts sharing their experiences with hair transplantation and restoration has been published...


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