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Asian cosmetic surgery and body dysmorphic disorder
What is the incidence of BDD in Asian-Americans seeking plastic surgery?...

North Korean waitresses must have eyelid surgery
North Korea's leader demands workers sent to other countries first have double eyelid surgery...

Japanese glassless glasses
Their sole connection to the act of vision is that they and the women wearing them are intended to be seen...

Chinese surgical westernization not always deliberate
Chinese women are not bleaching their faces and augmenting their noses in order to appeal to Western men...

Body Factory: Same-face syndrome
On manufactured beauty for the perfect face and body...

Barbie exits Shanghai
Barbie succumbs to changing Chinese consumer preferences and loyalties...

Chinese and Koreans want American faces
A scene from a Fellini movie or a very bad dream?..

Facelifts trump famine in North Korea
In poverty and starving, many North Korean women still want plastic surgery...

Striking beauty, zero body fat, killer cheekbones
Liu Wen and the changing perception of global beauty ideals...

Asian body modification - It's different
On East Asia's overheated infatuation with mindless body mutation...

Looking good in China is not looking good
Gender imbalance and property inflation have altered female preferences...

Forget the fakes. Chinese want "real" plastic surgery.
Chinese patients now seeking more luxury plastic surgery...

Neuroplastic surgery: When too much beauty is not enough
Why good looks can be a curse...

Ethnic plastic surgery: Barbie still a beauty standard
Why ethnic plastic surgery is not just about cultural preservation...

Chinese plastic surgeon educators broadcast live surgery
Public-minded Chinese plastic surgeons educating the masses..

Thick Dumpling Skin: Asian American eating disorders
A blog exploring body image challenges

Han Chinese male face is world's most typical
The most common face today is that of a 28 year old Chinese male...

English pronunciation and...Korean plastic surgery?
Why are Koreans obsessed with mastering pronunciation?...

12 Asian plastic surgery predictions for 2011
The Asian Plastic Surgery Guide's take on what's to come...

What Koreans most dislike about themselves
Nearly half said they were dissatisfied with their physical appearance..

Review: The ethnic beauty 'it' factor and E-pop
Are Western women tiring of "cookie-cutter American beauty"?..

Japanese photo "surgeons" offer instant transformation
In the homeland to anime and manga, it was bound to happen...

Chinese youth create new beauty standards
Photographs posted online provide a primary means of social currency...

Chinese cosmetic surgery patients getting younger
Four out of five patients undergoing plastic surgery in Beijing this summer are high school or college students...

Barbie in China ... a plot?
Is Barbie an attempt to reset the beauty preferences of young Chinese girls?...

Putting Heidi Montag to shame
Think Heidi Montag got carried away? Looks like she may need to play catch-up.

Plastic surgery donation girl
This could be the start of something big...

A society that rotates around appearance
Take a look at a land where everyone thinks they're fat...

Love Me - Bodies homogenized to global ideals
Globalization hasn't just given us Starbucks in Beijing and shopping malls in Africa. It is also creating an eerily homogenized look...

Is plastic surgery becoming the new Wild West?
Has the mind set of plastic surgeons changed to an "anything goes" mentality?

Why have radish calves when you can have drumsticks?
A woman's legs, thin or not, can always be thinner...

Korean artist challenges Eurocentric standard of beauty
Debbie Han has won the 2009 Sovereign Asian Art Prize...

Higher self-esteem in Asian cosmetic surgery candidates
A study of patients considering having Asian plastic surgery showed psychological profiles contrary to widely-held stereotypes...

The Fold by An Na
An Na, a Korean-born author, has published a novel exploring the dilemma facing teens coerced into undergoing cosmetic surgery...

LED eyelashes and plastic surgery fetish
These are not your ordinary fake eyelashes...

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Looking good in China is not looking good
Upside down double eyelid surgery
Asian medical tourism countries and English proficiency
Forget the fakes. Chinese want "real" cosmetic surgery.
Neuroplastic surgery: When too much beauty is not enough
The dimple is not simple: creation and reversal
Ethnic plastic surgery: Barbie still a beauty standard
Indian plastic surgery charity illustrates basic systemic flaw
On permanent makeup: Risks of all injectables

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