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Body Factory: Same-face syndrome
On manufactured beauty for the perfect face and body...

Neuroplastic surgery: When too much beauty is not enough
Why good looks can be a curse...

Thick Dumpling Skin: Asian American eating disorders
A blog exploring body image challenges

Indian plastic surgery charity illustrates basic systemic flaw
The emphasis in plastic surgery has turned away from the reconstructive...

Breast enhancement cookies in Singapore
An easier method to enlarge the breast: Eat cookies...

Is Asian plastic surgeon proficiency overestimated?
On the emergence of a new crop of self-proclaimed specialists...

Newest Korean body line: eyeline
The ever-expanding list of body lines has a popular new entry...

Insect-thin pregnant women in Japan
Nearly 10% of Japanese newborns show low birth weight due to dieting moms...

Korean plastic surgery emoticons
From the home of S and V lines, another set of shapes...

How beautiful are you? Find out to the hundredth of a percent.
Are you "super-attractive," "attractive," or just plain "average"?...

Meek > Fierce | Eyeliner + Gel
What can be accomplished with a little cosmetics and hair gel...

It's official: South Korea has world's highest rate of plastic surgery
Our calculations based on official data finally confirm what has been suspected but never confirmed until now...

Korean artist challenges Eurocentric standard of beauty
Debbie Han has won the 2009 Sovereign Asian Art Prize...

iPhone app for medical tourism
The first mobile application that helps patients and travelers locate American-accredited hospitals and clinics in fifty top tourist destinations...

Asian Americans getting too much sun
Many Asian Americans adopt unhealthy sun-exposure behaviors as they become more westernized...

LED eyelashes and plastic surgery fetish
These are not your ordinary fake eyelashes...


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Looking good in China is not looking good
Upside down double eyelid surgery
Asian medical tourism countries and English proficiency
Forget the fakes. Chinese want "real" cosmetic surgery.
Neuroplastic surgery: When too much beauty is not enough
The dimple is not simple: creation and reversal
Ethnic plastic surgery: Barbie still a beauty standard
Indian plastic surgery charity illustrates basic systemic flaw
On permanent makeup: Risks of all injectables

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