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Cosmetic surgery medical tourism complications
Warning on medical travel and plastic surgery complications..

World-class plastic surgery in Southeast Asia?
World-class medical care, maybe, but which world are they taling about? ...

Chinese cosmetic surgery no longer cheap
Prices for plastic surgery in China are on the rise...

Asian medical tourism destinations ranked by English proficiency
Worried about a host country's ability to communicate in English?...

Forget the fakes. Chinese want "real" plastic surgery.
Chinese patients now seeking more luxury plastic surgery...

Half of Chinese women seeking plastic surgery in Korea want this
Meet the two new paragons of Chinese female beauty...

Part 6: Singapore on myths of medical tourism
Insight from Singapore on international medical tourism and travel...

Part 5: Cosmetic surgery tourism savings: Never mind.
Does the big cost difference for surgery in Asia guarantee big savings?...

Part 4: China and cosmetic medical tourism: Not a player.
Cheap doesn't cut it with plastic surgery tourists...

Part 3: Geopolitical threat to Asian plastic surgery tourism
While unlikely to pop, the Asian cosmetic tourism bubble could deflate...

Part 2: Main driver of cosmetic medical tourism: Quality or cost?
Do patients travel to save money or get a better result?...

Part 1: Cosmetic medical tourism numbers misunderstood
The worldwide market for cosmetic medical tourism is exaggerated...

The ultimate in low-cost Asian Plastic Surgery
Made in China, where everythings costs less...

Philippines seeks 1000% medical tourism lift
The Philippines offers several important advantages for foreign patients...

Forget about medical tourism. Here comes medical gambling.
Medical care during the day, fun in the casino at night...

Worrisome plastic surgery in Cambodia
While the cosmetic surgery business is booming, so are the horror stories...

Big in the Land of Milk and Honey
The largest medical complex in Asia is being constructed in Chengdu, China to tap into one of Asia's fastest growing medical sectors...

China warns on Korean plastic surgery
The Chinese Foreign Ministry has issued a warning to women thinking about undergoing eyelid surgery in South Korea...

Korean eyelid surgery: Any cheaper and it will be free
How does one dollar for two eyes sound to you?

Cambodian Prime Minister warns against cosmetic surgery
Cambodian PM Hun Sen has warned women to beware of lax medical standards and poor oversight...

Taiwan to increase competition for medical tourists
Taiwan is intent on drawing more patients seeking high-tech medical care at low cost...

Seoul plans to dominate South Korean medical tourism industry
Seoul City has announced ambitious plans to increase its number of medical tourists...

Locating elective medical services in China
Finding a doctor for elective health care like cosmetic surgery is not easy in China...

Racial attitudes and medical tourism
This article may be disturbing to some potential medical tourists...



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Asian medical tourism countries and English proficiency
Forget the fakes. Chinese want "real" cosmetic surgery.
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