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An Asian diet pill unlike any other
An East Asian approach to effortless weight loss using only four pills...

Japanese skin secret: Female face shaving
Daily face shaving from the forehead to the neck and more...

The dimple is not simple: creation and reversal
Dimple surgery may seem like harmless fun. It isn't...

Breast enhancement cookies in Singapore
An easier method to enlarge the breast: Eat cookies...

On permanent makeup: Risks of all cosmetic injectables
All minimally-invasive treatments carry a risk of complications, even when administered with skill...

Botox and Asian jawbone reduction: Don't count on it
A recent study dispels a myth about Botox and jaw reduction...

Meek > Fierce | Eyeliner + Gel
What can be accomplished with a little cosmetics and hair gel...

Extreme Japanese beauty treatments
Try flesh-eating fish to eat away dry skin...

Japan's non-surgical beauty secret
The Japanese are turning to the traditional and the organic instead of plastic surgery...

Do silicone gel sheets speed healing of normal surgical scars in Asians?
Conspicuous scarring is a major concern after cosmetic plastic surgery...

Freckles are now "in," even on Asian skin
Just in time for summer, freckles are joining the ranks of cool...

Latisse is perfectly safe, right? Wrong
Savor the idea of eyelids turned purple, blue eyes turned brown, eyelashes curled against your eyes, or watching hair start to sprout along your upper cheek...

Why have radish calves when you can have drumsticks?
A woman's legs, thin or not, can always be thinner...

A new non-incisional "thread" method for correction of eyelid ptosis
A minimally-invasive suture technique for the correction of drooping eyelids has been described in Japan...

A new non-invasive method for brow lifting
A new cosmetic device has been approved by the FDA to allow for ultrasound energy to be used as a non-invasive alternative to surgical brow lifting...

Injectable fillers not recommended as first-line option in nasal reshaping
The use of soft tissue fillers in the nose should be approached with caution...

Korean plastic surgeons good at handling delicate operations
According to Dr. Kim Byung-gun, "Koreans are quite good at handling small and delicate operations."...


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