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Barbie exits Shanghai
Barbie succumbs to changing Chinese consumer preferences and loyalties...

Striking beauty, zero body fat, killer cheekbones
Liu Wen and the changing perception of global beauty ideals...

Asian body modification - It's different
On East Asia's overheated infatuation with mindless body mutation...

Indian plastic surgery charity illustrates basic systemic flaw
The emphasis in plastic surgery has turned away from the reconstructive...

Han Chinese male face is world's most typical
The most common face today is that of a 28 year old Chinese male...

12 Asian plastic surgery predictions for 2011
The Asian Plastic Surgery Guide's take on what's to come...

Forget about medical tourism. Here comes medical gambling.
Medical care during the day, fun in the casino at night...

Review: The ethnic beauty 'it' factor and E-pop
Are Western women tiring of "cookie-cutter American beauty"?..

Chinese youth create new beauty standards
Photographs posted online provide a primary means of social currency...

More plastic surgeons in China than the rest of Asia Pacific combined
China has over four thousand certified plastic surgeons and is surpassed by only the United States...

Anime plastic surgery
Anime-oriented surgical techniques that may soon be coming to your favorite plastic surgeon's office..

Sixteen plastic surgeons performing 40,000 operations...a year
How's this for amassing a solid experience with cosmetic surgery?...

Plastic surgery donation girl
This could be the start of something big...

Is plastic surgery becoming the new Wild West?
Has the mind set of plastic surgeons changed to an "anything goes" mentality?

Sex ratios in China and...cosmetic surgery?
Increased pressure on the marriage market in China is inducing men to do things to make themselves more competitive...

Frequent flyers to get free facelifts
While not exactly about Asian cosmetic surgery, this could be an indication of what's to come...

Korean Beauty Trends of 2009
Large Korean companies were busy last year trying to generate consumer trends and buzzwords...


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Upside down double eyelid surgery
Asian medical tourism countries and English proficiency
Forget the fakes. Chinese want "real" cosmetic surgery.
Neuroplastic surgery: When too much beauty is not enough
The dimple is not simple: creation and reversal
Ethnic plastic surgery: Barbie still a beauty standard
Indian plastic surgery charity illustrates basic systemic flaw
On permanent makeup: Risks of all injectables

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