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Cesarean sections and the Chinese figure
Are cosmetic concerns contributing to the rise of C-sections in China?...

Free plastic surgery in China
Cosmetic surgery marketing trends in East Asia and the West...

Chinese cosmetic surgery no longer cheap
Prices for plastic surgery in China are on the rise...

Forget the fakes. Chinese want "real" plastic surgery.
Chinese patients now seeking more luxury plastic surgery...

Cosmetic surgery tourism savings: Never mind.
Does the big cost difference for surgery in Asia guarantee big savings?...

The ultimate in low-cost Asian Plastic Surgery
Made in China, where everythings costs less...

Asian cosmetic surgery a bad investment
The economic benefits that come from having plastic surgery...

Korean eyelid surgery: Any cheaper and it's free
How does one dollar for two eyes sound to you?

Plastic surgery in Asia Pacific won't stay cheap for long
As demand for cosmetic surgery rises in the East, so will prices...

Medical tourists victims of inflated fees in Korea
A think tank states that South Korea's medical tourists have been victims of exceedingly inflated medical costs...


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Looking good in China is not looking good
Upside down double eyelid surgery
Asian medical tourism countries and English proficiency
Forget the fakes. Chinese want "real" cosmetic surgery.
Neuroplastic surgery: When too much beauty is not enough
The dimple is not simple: creation and reversal
Ethnic plastic surgery: Barbie still a beauty standard
Indian plastic surgery charity illustrates basic systemic flaw
On permanent makeup: Risks of all injectables

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