Unintentional Chinese Westernization

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Chinese Surgical Westernization Not Always Deliberate

In today's China, young women are not bleaching their faces and augmenting their noses so they can appeal to Western men. In fact, most Chinese women have little or no desire to date, let alone conform to the expectations of, the Western male.

So why are these same Chinese women so frantically adopting a Western standard of beauty?

After all, the people of mainland China are not known for embracing other Western standards. Western and especially American ideals are blatantly rejected at the official government level, and it is an uncommon Chinese citizen who sees Western culture as superior to the Chinese.

But there is one big exception.

chinese westernization

The Chinese shopper readily acknowledges that Western countries produce higher quality consumer products, especially at the luxury level and particularly when it comes to makeup and high fashion.

Despite China's large population, the country really hasn't yet developed its own well-known fashion brand. In fact, Western beauty companies doing business in China rarely bother to translate their names into Chinese so as not to interfere with their identity as purely Western brands.

As China's affluence continues to soar, its taste for Western luxury products and their accompanying status has increased dramatically. Just look at the young women who sport highly visible Apple iPhone ear buds connected to cheap, generic cellphones hidden deep inside their pockets or men who drive around expensive Jaguars but live in cramped, undecorated apartments. In other words, not just quality alone but also the conspicuous display of quality matters to this nouveau riche population.

When it comes to marketing Western beauty and fashion luxury products, the Chinese media universally populates its ads with classically Western blue-eyed blond models or "vaguely" Asian models (just as likely to be Korean as Chinese) either digitally manipulated or surgically endowed with Western facial features. Even emerging new local Chinese companies attempting to develop their brands still mostly follow these same conventions in an effort to identify with their established and far more successful competitors.

Since such high quality Western beauty products are so admired and sought after, the models displaying them on the ubiquitous giant billboards and glamorous magazine ads exert an inordinate influence on the local perception of just what constitutes true beauty.

So while intentional Westernization may not be the main driver behind the current Chinese mania for double eyelid surgery and facial slimming, the end result is still the same.

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Chinese westernization not always the goal