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Body Factory: Same-Face Syndrome & Manufactured Beauty

In a recent solo exhibition at Platoon Kunsthalle in Gangnam Gu, Seoul, South Korea, Eun Jeong So employed her artistic talents to explore local ideology and surgical practices used in the quest to mass-produce "perfect" human bodies. Currently the Creative Director at dusty goiyanni london, the artist lived and worked for many years in the Arpujeong district of Seoul, an area densely cluttered with cosmetic surgery clinics (one street has over two hundred).

artist photo

The exhibition entitled "Body Factory" called to light the city's widespread worship of celebrity status and generic appearance as reflected in its factory-like industrial production of "false beauty" designed for hordes of patients of average means (and distinct from higher tier, more artistic and individualized cosmetic care reserved for the wealthy).

Other issues examined included "same-face syndrome," in which patient after patient ends up sporting one of a very limited number of "approved" puppet faces.

Generated by a few interchangeable operations dealt out indiscriminately to essentially anyone willing to pay, the result is a disturbing conformity.

Body build options are equally limited. In a society that restricts its approval to only one impossible set of standards, epidemic depression, eating disorders, and a loss of individual identity will ensue.



body parts

Bodies dangling from conveyer belts, racks of hanging interchangeable body parts, and sketches of proposed surgery over already beautiful faces complete the artist's bleak commentary on a society in which body modification has spun out-of-control.

body factory

As one review imagined what might happen in this posh plastic surgery district of Seoul,

"You could literally come out of [subway] Exit 4, walk forward and by the time you hit the junction at the end of the road, go from black to white, white to brown, fat to thin, big to small, and back again with your ass-fat stuck to your chin and your stomach fat stuck to your cheeks."

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Same Face Syndrome in Seoul