Chinese and Koreans Want American Faces

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Chinese and Koreans Want American Faces

In a video from CNN featuring a 12 year old girl about to have plastic surgery, an Asian surgeon claims to a reporter that, "The Chinese and Korean patients tell me they want to have faces like Americans." But, do they really?


A shy, delicate child who lacks self-confidence and thinks she's ugly because she's missing the tiniest of creases on her otherwise normal eyelids.

A mother who insists that her pre-teen daughter undergo plastic surgery to succeed and get ahead in life.

A doctor who runs a high-rise assembly-line cosmetic clinic catering to the newly-rich and claims that cutting apart and reshaping one's face will yield a hundred fold return on investment.

A city crammed full of beauty clinics and giant, gaudy signs advertising them in every direction.

A brain-washed population that thinks natural beauty resides only across an ocean.

Scenes lifted out of Fellini movie or from a very bad dream?

Hardly. It's just everyday life in Seoul, South Korea.

Oh, but one more thing. While interesting, we think the premise of this video, that Asians want to look like Americans, is overly simplistic and wrong, something we'll explore more in upcoming posts.

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Chinese and Koreans Want American Faces