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The Dimple Is Not Simple: Creation and Reversal


What's the latest craze in hip birthday presents among the young and affluent in Bangalore? Gifting your partner a dimple.

Cosmetic surgeons in India have noted a big surge in demand, not just among their local clientele but also in visitors from China, Malaysia, and Singapore. Some surgeons report 15-20 inquiries a month.

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Many people feel a dimple makes them look more beautiful, while others view it as an outward sign of good luck. Some patients bring in photos of their favorite celebrity dimples for their surgeons to copy. Too many treat the idea with casual abandon, viewing the procedure as minor and harmless if not just plain fun.

The mechanics of dimple surgery are presented elsewhere.

Unfortunately, not every patient turns out that enamored with his or her new artificial dent, which may look unnatural or even silly. More than a few end up asking to have it undone after two to three months.

Reversal, however, is much harder than creation. Since tissue has been removed from the inside of the mouth to intentionally create an internal gap and scar, reconstruction is a complex process that is typically only partially successful at best.

The cost to add a dimple in India runs from 40,000 to 50,000 rupees, or about US $900-1,100. The cost to remove it a few months later is much higher.

As one Indian cosmetic surgeon warned, "People should think twice about it."

APSG Comment: In other words, when it comes to cosmetic surgery, the dimple is not simple.

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