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Chinese Plastic Surgeon "Educators" Broadcast Live Surgery

In a country where public nudity is still largely off-limits, a private Chinese cosmetic surgery clinic has presented a live online broadcast of breast augmentation surgery being performed on a first-year college student.

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After revealing the patient's identity as well as images of her slightly blurred breasts, she was allowed to speak with reporters.

The plastic surgery clinic's director explained that, "The live broadcast was an attempt to give the public a deeper, more rational understanding of plastic surgery."

But one Chinese attorney noted that, "If the operation was broadcast for commercial purposes rather than for education, it is fairly inappropriate for the clinic to use such an immature girl, who might not have clearly considered the consequences of her action."

APSG Comment: Ya think? Would a group of grandfatherly plastic surgeon professionals really take advantage of a trusting, naive young woman for the sake of sensationalism, publicity, and profit? How could that be? Heck, no way!

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Chinese plastic surgeons broadcast live breast augmentation surgery