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Han Chinese Male Face is the World's Most Typical

According to a article from National Geographic, the "most typical" human face in the world today is that of a 28 year old Han Chinese man, of which there are presently nine million examples on the planet. A composite face shown below was constructed from thousands of photos of people who fit this profile.

Han Chinese constitute the largest single ethnic group in the world and make up about 92% of the population of China, 98% of the population of Taiwan, and 78% of the population of Singapore. Overall, the group includes about 20% of the human population. Due to immigration and assimilation of different ethnicities over thousands of years, considerable genetic and physical diversity is present. Thus, all Han Chinese males do not share the same characteristic features, and a number of different subgroups have been defined.

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Interesting, this "most typical" face title is predicted to change hands again in twenty years as the population of India surpasses that of China.

APSG Comment: Either way, the world's most common face is, and will continue to be, fully Asian, whether Eastern or Southern, well into the distant future.

The concept of "Asian" cosmetic surgery as a limited subspecialty of plastic surgery is already disappearing as this evolving discipline now encompasses the largest patient base on the planet.

Celebrities and models glorified in the West (and East) as today's "beautiful" are already old news, really just tomorrow's "fixer-uppers," even if they don't yet know it.

What does this mean for cosmetic surgery? Look for a "new" phase in Asian plastic surgery where the primary goal will be to look better rather than mainly different or "Westernized." Operations like double eyelid surgery, epicanthoplasty, cheek and jaw reductions, calf nerve ablations, and so on will degrade into obscure footnotes in old textbooks on outdated plastic surgery.

"Ethnic" plastic surgery will come to refer to surgery on the European or Western population seeking "Easternization." A whole new group of operations will be developed in response to new demands.

When will all of this happen? In a hundred years? In fifty years? With the present rate of change, give it a good ten years.

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Chinese Han Face is the World's Most Typical