Anime Plastic Surgery

anime plastic surgery
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anime plastic surgery

Anime Plastic Surgery
First in a new and ongoing series...

Writing in Wired, Lore Sjöberg, imagination fired up by the recent Lady Gaga circle contact lenses stories, describes his investigation into the world of anime plastic surgery for "impressionable youth" and "fashion-followers everywhere."

anime plastic surgery

Noting the appeal of the circle lens that "makes you look like you're simultaneously stoned, surprised, and emerging into the sunlight from a dark basement," Sjöberg describes a number of anime-oriented surgical techniques that may soon be coming to your favorite plastic surgeon's office:

Mouth Shrinking using oral elasticity treatments to shrink the mouth to the size of an SD card slot,

Hair Coloring using a combination of genetic engineering and dye packs to reprogram the hair to grow in shiny, candy colors,

Emotion Indicators using a series of modifications deep in the skin to alter sweat glands, tear ducts, and other dermal appendages,

Nostril Plugs, a form of reduction rhinoplasty shrinking the nose to a small, pointed bump with no openings, and

Arm Flails employing hydraulic exoskeleton implants to gyrate the arms into a blur.

Trendy, perhaps, although sometimes the discipline of plastic surgery can take giant leaps forward that go totally unappreciated until they begin popping up on...K-pop!

Then again, sometimes it can head into rapid reverse that might carry us all off a cliff.

Take your pick. Full article here.

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