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Sixteen plastic surgeons performing 40,000 operations...a year

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How's this for amassing a solid experience with cosmetic surgery?

At China's Shanghai Generation Plastic Surgery Hospital, sixteen surgeons under the direction of Dr. Yang Yunxia reportedly perform 40,000 operations a year.

How does this compare to the Western experience? Don't ask.

How do the doctors manage it? Go figure.

It used to be that Texas was the land of excess where everything was done on a grander than grand scale. Times have changed.

Of course, Shanghai Generation Plastic Surgery Hospital is only one of a number of large cosmetic hospitals in just one of the major cities in China. It barely made it into the top ten.

Even though plastic surgery in China has only been government sanctioned since 2001, such numbers do make it hard to further the argument commonly put forth by surgeons from South Korea to the United States that cosmetic surgeons in China are still far behind the curve.

Could such decade-old claims now be simply a matter of wishful thinking? Time will tell.

china plastic surgery

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