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Putting Heidi Montag to shame

Think Heidi Montag got carried away? Looks like she may need to play catch-up.

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According to an article in Korea's The Chosun IIbo, "Young people being trained at talent factories are often pushed into an intensive regime of plastic surgery to improve their looks."

"They have very little say in the matter, and some management agencies practically force aspiring stars to go under the knife to improve their chances of success."

The article continues, "Ten plastic surgeons in the Seoul metropolitan area polled by the Chosun Ilbo said up to 90 percent of young singers on TV or trainees at entertainment academies appear to have had cosmetic surgery."

"Cosmetic surgery has now become essential for all young Koreans who aspire to become stars," said one plastic surgeon. "Many of them believe they must go under the knife if they want to boost their star potential."

One 25-year-old former trainee said, "A person his or her third year of training undergoes anywhere from 10 to 20 cosmetic treatments including botox and filler implants."

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Talent agencies and plastic surgery in Korea