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China warns on Korean plastic surgery

According to Rupert Kircz writing for UKMedix, the Chinese Foreign Ministry has issued a warning to women thinking about undergoing eyelid surgery in -- get this -- South Korea.

warning The Ministry stated that it has received "many reports about operations going wrong" that left patients very unhappy about problems that, in some cases, could not be corrected.

According to Ma Jiguang, an Orthopedic Surgeon from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, eyelid plastic surgery is as much as three times more expensive in South Korea and comes with communication limitations that interfere with understanding contract terms, risks, and expenses.

South Korean companies, he claims, use "glossy advertisements" that fail to provide full explanations.

APSG Comment: One thing the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences did not address was why traveling to South Korea to pay more is so popular with its citizens as well as people from throughout all of East Asia.

Could it possibly have something to do with South Korea's track record for cutting-edge technology, consistent results, and safety? Might it matter to some medical tourists that South Korean surgeons possess a vastly superior experience as well as an outstanding reputation?

All surgery carries a risk of complications, and so it is entirely possible that some traveling patients from China experienced unsuccessful outcomes.

However, the Chinese have previously welcomed South Korean plastic surgeons into their country, allowed them to set up practice in many large cities, and even encouraged them to teach local doctors.

Of course, time moves on and relationships change. Is it possible that competition between the two countries in the lucrative and rapidly expanding Asian cosmetic surgery market is finally starting to heat up?

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China warns on Korean plastic surgery