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Why have radish calves when you can have drumsticks?

Can a woman's legs ever be too thin?

According to The Chosun Ilbo, a newspaper in South Korea, “Korea’s use of slimming pills and appetite suppressants ranks near the top in the world despite an obesity rate of 3.5 percent, only a quarter of the OECD’s (Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development) average of 14.6 percent.”

Although women in South Korea are already among the world's slimmest, they consume vast quantities of diet pills trying to become even skinnier.

This is well demonstrated by a recent promotion at a Korean diet clinic that offers a simple and painless program of creams and pills designed to slim the legs and calves to stick-thin proportions, implying that a woman's legs, thin or not, can always be thinner.

drumstick legs
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drumstick girl

Using the clinic's program, "you can lose weight from body parts you want to," a spot-reduction goal that neither diet pills, anorexia, nor directed exercise can achieve.

And, of course, if that doesn't work, there's always surgical total leg sculpture.

Such a claim is a good example of the misleading promotions that run rampant throughout the South Korean beauty industry due to the country's relative lack of legislation pertaining to truth in advertising. Television and magazine ads freely imply easy physical and sexual improvements if only a consumer will purchase their brands of lotions, potions, dietary supplements, or pills.

This unhealthy situtation seems to be compounded by an apparent strong preference among South Korean women for passive methods of weight reduction over exercise as well as by what one local observer describes as a "culture that generally disdains critical thinking."

With the move to tighter and tighter designer jeans, ladies with almost any meat on their bones now run the risk of looking overpoured into their constricting stretch pants, or, as one blogger noted, as attractive as "Porky Pig in a mini skirt."

For a society that embraces almost countless body lines as descriptors of desirable and undesirable physical traits, the growing list of leg lines has now expanded from radish calves and sausage legs to include drumsticks if not toothpicks.

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