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iPhone app for medical tourism

Healthy Travel Media has announced HealthTraveler™, the first mobile application that helps patients and travelers locate American-accredited hospitals and clinics in fifty top tourist destinations.

iPhone app

First available on the Apple iPhone, HealthTraveler will provide information for patients traveling for medical care as well as for tourists who require medical attention.

The program will provide vetted information in such areas as specialty data, accreditation, surgery procedures offered, medical services available, and more. It will also allow ready access to maps and GPS driving directions.

Potential patients considering health care abroad will be able to research hospitals and clinics in the world’s most popular medical tourism destinations with data on over 250 hospitals and clinics.

The application is now scheduled for release in fall 2010 on the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch mobile platforms, with subsequent releases on BlackBerry and Android-based devices. Anticipated cost is $3.99.

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