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Korean Beauty Trends

James Turnbull, an American sociologist living in South Korea, writes at The Grand Narrative that large Korean companies as well as the media were hard at work last year trying to generate consumer trends and buzzwords to create "new reasons for people to feel dissatisfied with themselves" and thus trigger increased business for the beauty and plastic surgery industries.

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A new goal is "innocent glamor," a new fashion look mixing the concepts of purity and innocence with sexy and lustful and characterized by, for instance, a young female entertainer looking, according to Turnbull, "more virginal than normal" while still performing the "mechanical sexy dances virtually required of them on Korean talk shows."

With hot terms like "flower man" and "beautiful middle-aged man" circulating widely to indicate a new softening and more polished version of Korean masculinity, the number of men in their late 30s and early 40s visiting plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists registered a noticeable uptick.

Continued interest by young women in their "S-lines" helped fuel the "sausage look" of women in extremely skinny jeans and tight, short t-shirts. The top female stars moved away from modeling in cosmetics ads to appearing in designer jeans commercials.

The "V-line" also held its own, indicating a preferred image of a small and slender face, while the addition of "babyface" into the jargon emphasized the desirability of clear skin and glowing cheeks but also a set of facial contours in which the cheeks show nice volume and the bridge of the nose and curve of the forehead look wrinkle-free like a young child.

Full article and photos here.

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