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American surgeon says there's no reason to place an artificial implant in Asian rhinoplasty

Artificial implants made of materials like medical-grade silicone are typically used in augmentation rhinoplasty, especially in Asia. Now an American surgeon is coming down hard on this practice.

Dr. Dean Toirumi, a facial plastic surgeon in Chicago, claims that "if an artificial implant becomes infected or extruded, the nose can become deformed and the skin may be permanently damaged." Additionally, these materials may "move around in an unnatural way and make the nose feel artificial."


Having treated many patients with complications, Dr. Toriumi said that he "won't use artificial implants in the nose" and instead uses rib cartilage almost exclusively.

"If there's an opportunity to use a patient's own tissue, there's no reason to place an artificial implant."

Since the operation can be more complicated, Dr. Toriumi has developed his own techniques for harvesting, preparing, and placing the cartilage. He states that patients undergoing such surgery experience "minimal pain and scarring."

Dr. Toriumi has many patients who travel to Chicago from the Orient, where artificial implants are still the preferred augmentation material.

Full article here.

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