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Korean plastic surgeons good at handling delicate operations

Why is Korea so popular as a destination for cosmetic medical tourists? According to Dr. Kim Byung-gun, director of the largest clinic for plastic surgery in South Korea, "Koreans are quite good at handling small and delicate operations."

The doctor continues, "While Westerners are used to reducing the size of the nose and trying to tidy up facial lines, Koreans are used to injecting fillers, creating double eyelids and other techniques that suit Asian customers' needs."

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South Korea's most talented doctors have been attracted to plastic surgery as a specialty because of the potential for high income, and only the top ten percent of the country's surgeons manage to achieve a Ph.D.

High-end service is also an incentive for patients, from the moment of arrival to departure. Limousine pick-ups, making restaurant reservations, and arranging sightseeing are services provided by the local hospitals and clinics in an attempt to attract and please their medical tourist clientele.

"All these merits have added up to make Korea the leader in the world of cosmetic surgery," says health ministry official Kim Gang-rip.

Even hospitals packed to overcapacity with local patients are making room for the cosmetic market. "Who wouldn't? We need money," confided a hospital promoter under conditions of anonymity.

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