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The Ultimate in Low-Cost Asian Plastic Surgery

Everyone in the West already knows that everything costs less in China. Not just a little less. Unbelievably less.

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According to Dr. Li Binbin, a physician at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Plastic Surgery Hospital in Beijing, an "eyelid and nose job" costs 2,000-3,000 yuan (US $300-450).

The "huge profit" at these prices, he said, has prompted at least 2,000 hospitals and salons in the city to offer cosmetic surgery, although more than a few providers are not trained or licensed.

But Dr. Li also noted that bargain hunters can easily find a better price. "A hair salon can do eyelid tucks for 300 yuan (US $45)."

Not low enough? Keep reading.

APSG Comment: In the United States, eyelid surgery alone typically runs between $3,000-$4,500 even before any extra fees may be added on for hospital costs or deep anesthesia, etc.

Tack on a rhinoplasty for twice that amount and the grand total can easily exceed $15,000, or nearly 50 times higher compared to fees at a plastic surgery hospital in Beijing (or 500 times higher than in a back-alley hair salon).

However, even these prices can be beaten, and not by a mere pittance. If you're not all that picky or particularly worried about infection, deformity, or radioactivity, try North Korea, where eyelid surgery can go for…get this, US $1.

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