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What Koreans most dislike about themselves

According to a recent survey of 598 workers by JobKorea, an online Korean-language portal, in which South Korean workers were asked what they liked least about themselves, 43 percent said they were least satisfied with their physical appearance.

Other top areas of personal disappointment included level of education, ability with English, personality, name, and addiction to work.

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With respect to appearance, females were more unhappy than males, with more than half of women saying they didn't like the way they looked compared to only one-third of males feeling the same.

The leading physical shortcoming noted was height, followed in order by weight, skin issues, nose, eyes, facial size, chin, hair, and mouth.

APSG Comment: What would have been more interesting would have been to have the same group of workers comment on what aspects about themselves they actually do like. Because if you don't like your appearance, personality, education, language, name, or work ethic, there isn't too much left to provide self-satisfaction.

Height, weight, and skin issues have always towered above all other physical concerns in East and Southeast Asia. However, the rest of the list of perceived shortcomings seems a bit out of tune with more authoritative recent data.

In the 2009 ISAPS survey of Korean and other Asian plastic surgeons, the top cosmetic operations performed throughout Asia were, in order, liposuction, breast augmentation, and, in a distant third place, eyelid surgery. When other types of cosmetic breast operations were factored in as well (i.e., breast lift, breast reduction, male breast reduction, etc.), the cosmetic breast surgery category overwhelmed most of the other procedures in the Top 20 combined.

So how is it that breast concerns didn't even make it onto this survey's list?

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What Koreans most dislike about themselves