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Korean plastic surgery emoticons :–)

From the home of S and V lines comes another set of shapes, dots, and curves captured off an ad posted in South Korea: "Emoticons" depicting different anatomical parts before or after cosmetic surgery.

Before and After  
cosmetic surgery emoticons

Eyelid surgery

Breast augmentation

Abdominal liposuction

korean plastic surgery emoticons

Augmentation rhinoplasty

Square face (cheek, jaw) surgery

Brow (forehead) lift

As with all Asian emoticons, these little doodles are viewed without having to turn your head to the side :–O

Before you try inserting one into your next text message, remember that they were generated using a Korean language keypad that uses characters not generally available in the West :–(

Finally, while the squiggles shown above were indeed constructed on a keyboard and certainly do look a lot like classic emoticons, in truth they aren't. Emoticons convey emotion, while these better-called "symbols" embody only information :–/

While the anti-Korean plastic surgery crowd has already predictably imbued them with sinister intent, these harmless little shapes used on an advertising poster aren't going to trick anybody into having surgery. They're cute, fun, and a clever idea for attracting passing eyes :–)


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