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Forget about medical tourism. Here comes medical gambling.

The term "medical tourism" has always sounded so...improbable and impractical, little more than a marketing gimmick. After all, how are you supposed to go off sightseeing when you're all wrapped up in bandages and hallucinating on pain medicines?

medical gambling Well, forget about medical tourism because here comes something way more exciting. Medical gambling!

Grand Korea Leisure, the state-run operator of Seven Luck Casino, is now establishing business ties with South Korean plastic surgeons and private clinics frequented by Chinese, Japanese, and other medical tourists (whoops!, we meant gamblers) in Seoul and Busan.

GKL CEO Kwon Oh-nam has begun meeting with cosmetic surgeons operating in Gangnam district of southern Seoul with the goal of attracting more traveling "customers" to their foreigner-only gambling facility.

"We have been discussing a joint business model with private clinics that attract many foreign patients. We think it is a win-win strategy for both parties if foreigners receive beauty-related medical care during the day and have fun in our casino at night," CEO Kwon said.

Article here.

APSG Comment: Win-win, for sure. All the booze and loud music should mix well with Vicodin. Plus, with any luck, you might win back your expenses and so have surgery for free! Two more great reasons to travel across the ocean for plastic surgery in a foreign country, which, if you think about it, is already taking quite a gamble.

Might this mark the beginning of a new trend? Look for the Mayo Clinic to be entering into a joint-venture with the Hard Rock Cafe very soon.


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