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Asian eyelid surgery given low approval rating

Based on reviews submitted by members of the social media website RealSelf, Asian eyelid surgery carries a strikingly low rate of approval.

The site's reviews are submitted by members who have undergone actual cosmetic surgery and then post opinions about their experiences.

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Asian eyelid surgery was rated number 109 out of 121 procedures.

Each person rated his or her experience as either "worth it," "not worth it," or "not sure." Only 31% rated Asian eyelid surgery as "worth it," the lowest rating for any invasive surgical procedure.

Interestingly, 8 of the 19 reviews were submitted by members who had the surgery performed in East or Southeast Asia. Only one of these eight felt the outcome was "worth it."

No other distinctly Asian cosmetic surgery procedures were reviewed.

APSG Comment: While often described as a "simple procedure" by surgeons with little direct experience, Asian double eyelid surgery is repeatedly ranked by true experts as one of the most specialized operations in the field of cosmetic surgery. Problems such as asymmetry, bad scarring, misdirected eyelashes, extra skin folds, hollowing, and overdone or unnatural results requiring surgical revision are by no means rare.

Whether performed in the East or the West, achieving consistently good results demands a high level of surgeon understanding, skill, and precision. For many patients, however, the most important factors when choosing a surgeon are not experience and reputation but low cost and discounts.


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Asian eyelid surgery given low approval rating