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Chinese cosmetic surgery patients getting younger

Chinese cosmetic surgery patients are getting younger and younger by the year.

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According to a study by the China Medical Treatment Orthopedics and Beauty Association, four out of five patients undergoing plastic surgery in Beijing this summer are high school or college students.

Why? They're hoping to land better jobs after graduation. Excessive employment pressure is now the leading reason in East Asia for undergoing cosmetic surgery.

The most common operations are on the eyelids and nose, but breast implants and laser skin treatments are also popular.

And the students seeking them are getting younger. Five years ago, it was all college students, but now, as one Chinese plastic surgeon noted, "my office is packed with high school children."

So where are their parents? Right there at their sides, urging them on. Many parents have become convinced that appearance is the key to landing a high paying job leading to wealth, love, and happiness.

Psychologists warn that "deceptive promotions" by local hospitals and clinics tend to encourage such ideas and suggest that parents instead need to "provide more guidance." Right.

APSG Comment: While these beliefs are widespread throughout East and Southeast Asia (as well as in the West), an interesting study from South Korea casts serious doubt on their validity.

Full article here.

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Chinese cosmetic surgery patients are getting younger and younger