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Cosmetic surgery medical tourism complications
Warning on medical travel and plastic surgery complications...

Asian cosmetic surgery and body dysmorphic disorder
What is the incidence of BDD in Asian-Americans seeking plastic surgery?...

Eyelid surgery hurts more in Asian men
Eyelid blepharoplasty surgery hurts 50% more in Korean men...

North Korean waitresses must have eyelid surgery
North Korea's leader demands workers sent to other countries first have double eyelid surgery...

Japanese glassless glasses
Their sole connection to the act of vision is that they and the women wearing them are intended to be seen...

Chinese surgical westernization not always deliberate
Chinese women are not bleaching their faces and augmenting their noses in order to appeal to Western men...

Cesarean sections and the Chinese figure
Are cosmetic concerns contributing to the rise of C-section in China?...

An Asian diet pill unlike any other
An East Asian approach to effortless weight loss using only four pills...

Japanese skin secret: Female face shaving
Daily face shaving from the forehead to the neck and more...

Free plastic surgery in China
Cosmetic surgery marketing trends in East Asia and the West ...

Body Factory: Same-face syndrome
Manufactured beauty for the perfect face and body...

World-class plastic surgery in Southeast Asia?
World-class medical care, maybe, but which world are they taling about? ...

Barbie exits Shanghai
Barbie succumbs to changing Chinese consumer preferences and loyalties...

Chinese and Koreans want American faces
A scene from a Fellini movie or a very bad dream?...

Facelifts trump famine in North Korea
In poverty and starving, many North Korean women still want plastic surgery...

Striking beauty, zero body fat, killer cheekbones
Liu Wen and the changing perception of global beauty ideals...

Chinese cosmetic surgery no longer cheap
Prices for plastic surgery in China are on the rise...

Asian body modification - It's different
On East Asia's overheated infatuation with mindless body mutation...

Looking good in China is not looking good
Gender imbalance and property inflation have altered female preferences...

Upside down double eyelid surgery
Another Korean operation to make the Asian eye look bigger...

Forget the fakes. Chinese want "real" plastic surgery.
Chinese patients now seeking more luxury plastic surgery...

Neuroplastic surgery: When too much beauty is not enough
Why good looks can be a curse...

The dimple is not simple: creation and reversal
Dimple surgery may seem like harmless fun. It isn't...

Ethnic plastic surgery: Barbie still a beauty standard
Why ethnic plastic surgery is not just about cultural preservation...

Chinese plastic surgeon educators broadcast live surgery
Public-minded Chinese plastic surgeons educating the masses...

Thick Dumpling Skin: Asian American eating disorders
A new blog on Asian American eating disorders and body image...

Indian plastic surgery charity illustrates basic systemic flaw
The emphasis in plastic surgery has turned away from the reconstructive...

Han Chinese male face is world's most typical
The most common face today is that of a 28 year old Chinese male...

Half of Chinese women seeking plastic surgery want this
Meet the two new paragons of Chinese female beauty...

Breast enhancement cookies in Singapore
An easier method to enlarge the breast: Eat cookies...

On permanent makeup: Risks of all cosmetic injectables
All minimally-invasive treatments carry a real risk of complications, even when administered with skill...

Is Asian plastic surgeon proficiency overestimated?
On the emergence of a new crop of self-proclaimed specialists...

English pronunciation and...Korean plastic surgery?
Why are Koreans obsessed with mastering pronunciation?...

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Part 6: Singapore on myths of medical tourism
Insight from Singapore on international medical tourism and travel...

Part 5: Cosmetic surgery tourism savings: Never mind.
Does the big cost difference for surgery in Asia guarantee big savings?...

Part 4: China and cosmetic medical tourism: Not a player.
Cheap doesn't cut it with plastic surgery tourists...

Part 3: Geopolitical threat to Asian plastic surgery tourism
While unlikely to pop, the Asian cosmetic tourism bubble could deflate...

Part 2: Main driver of cosmetic medical tourism: Quality or cost?
Do patients travel to save money or get a better result?...

Part 1: Cosmetic medical tourism numbers misunderstood
The worldwide market for cosmetic medical tourism is exaggerated...

12 Asian plastic surgery predictions
Our take on what's to come...

Fat-derived stem cells can stimulate breast cancer
Stem cells obtained from fat can stimulate the growth of breast cancer...

Newest Korean body line: eyeline, or eye-line
The ever-expanding list of body lines has a popular new entry...

Insect-thin pregnant women in Japan
Nearly 10% of Japanese newborns show low birth weight due to dieting moms...

Philippines seeks 1,000% medical tourism lift
The Philippines offers several important advantages for foreign patients...

Korean plastic surgery emoticons
From the home of S and V lines, another set of shapes...

Forget about medical tourism. Here comes medical gambling.
Medical care during the day, fun in the casino at night...

How beautiful are you? Find out to the hundredth of a percent.
Are you "super-attractive," "attractive," or just plain "average"?...

Worrisome plastic surgery in Cambodia
While the cosmetic surgery business is booming, so are the horror stories...

More plastic surgeons in China than the rest of Asia Pacific combined
China has over four thousand certified plastic surgeons and is surpassed by only the United States...

Breast augmentation and liposuction more popular than eyelid surgery in Asia
Breast surgery and liposuction are more popular than blepharoplasty or rhinoplasty in every country of East and Southeast Asia...

It's official: South Korea has world's highest rate of plastic surgery, but...
Our calculations based on official data confirm what has been widely suspected but never actually confirmed until now...

Chinese cosmetic surgery patients getting younger
Four out of five patients undergoing plastic surgery in Beijing this summer are high school or college students...

Extreme Japanese beauty treatments
Try flesh-eating eels to munch away dry skin...

Barbie in China ... a plot?
Is Barbie an attempt to reset the beauty preferences of young Chinese girls?...

Do silicone gel sheets speed healing of normal surgical scars in Asians?
Conspicuous scarring is a major concern after cosmetic plastic surgery...

Freckles are now "in," even on Asian skin
Just in time for summer, freckles are joining the ranks of cool...

Putting Heidi Montag to shame
Think Heidi Montag got carried away? Looks like she may need to play catch-up...

A society that rotates around appearance
Take a look at a land where everyone thinks they're fat...

Leg lengthening miracle worker?
From catastrophic complications to none at all...

China warns on Korean plastic surgery
The Chinese Foreign Ministry has issued a warning to women thinking about undergoing eyelid surgery in South Korea...

Is plastic surgery becoming the new Wild West?
Has the mind set of plastic surgeons changed to an "anything goes" mentality?...

Why have radish calves when you can have drumsticks?
A woman's legs, thin or not, can always be thinner...

Medical tourists victims of inflated fees in Korea
A state-funded think tank concluded that medical tourists have been victims of "exceedingly inflated" medical costs...

Plastic surgery in Asia Pacific won't stay cheap for long
As demand for plastic surgery rises in the East, so will its prices...

Asian Americans getting too much sun
A significant number of Asian Americans adopt unhealthy sun-exposure behaviors as they become more westernized...

A new non-invasive method for brow lifting
A new category of cosmetic device has been approved by the FDA to allow for focused ultrasound energy to be used as a completely non-invasive alternative to surgical brow lifting...

Injectable fillers not recommended as first-line option in nasal reshaping
The use of any soft tissue filler in the nose should always be approached with caution...

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