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Are Meaningless Plastic Surgery Statistics Stoking Demand?

In case you haven't already read a survey report or two (or ten) similar to the one that follows, here you go.

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Statistics reported from a paid online panel of 610,000 people in South Korea showed that seven out of ten women and four out of ten men would undergo cosmetic plastic surgery if given the chance.

Most would opt for rhinoplasty, with eyelid surgery and liposuction just behind in second and third place.

APSG Comment: BREAKING NEWS!!! JUST IN!!! Nine out of ten American men and 8.5 out of ten American women would drive a Maserati if given the chance. Most would prefer a red model, while metallic gray would come in a close second. When asked if they would also accept an iPad 2 if one were offered to them, 99.99% said yes.

Really, why would Korean pollsters even care about such worthless surveys and statistics that appear over and over again in one form or another? Could it be, perhaps, that they have an agenda? Might these industry-supported data gatherers actually be more interested in manipulating rather than reporting on consumer expectations, not unlike what goes on in the field of medical tourism?

And what about the media that publishes such thinly disguised marketing articles as news? Are they really that easy to fool?

And if so, then what about all the other plastic surgery statistics -- from the East as well as the West -- generated by professional societies and beauty businesses with a vested interest in stoking demand?

With journalistic fact-checking at an all-time low, they all need to be taken with a big grain of salt.

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Worthless Plastic Surgery Statistics