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Top Korean Beauty Search Term
for 2011

Yahoo! Search content data analysis for year 2011 indicates some interesting differences in the top beauty search terms used in different parts of Asia Pacific.

orthognathic surgery

Online users in Southeast Asia were most concerned with skin care and weight control.

"Acne solutions" was the top beauty-related search term, followed by "breast care" and "diet."

While "botox" searches decreased during the year, "weight control" increased.


So what beauty-related term topped the list in South Korea? You'll never guess.

"Orthognathic surgery."

If you know what it means, you must be a pro at this stuff. If you can spell it correctly, better yet.

Orthognathic surgery is surgery undertaken to correct conditions of the jaw and face related to structure, growth, and disorders like sleep apnea, TMJ disorder, and dental occlusion problems that can't be cured with braces

Bones are cut and repositioned and then held in place with screws and/or metal plates.

Why that term over all others? You can bet it wasn't because of sleep apnea.

Rather, the term's popularity reflects the widespread Korean desire for a slimmed face obtained by surgery on bones of the cheek, jaw, chin and teeth, also known by easier names like "square face surgery" or "wide face surgery."

And what happened to the ever-popular list toppers like "eyelid surgery" and "rhinoplasty"?

Apparently they fell by the wayside last year as Korea's beauty obsession became more focused on achieving an oval V-line face.

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