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Features of the South Asian Face

What's so different about plastic surgery in India? Learn about anatomy of the South Asian face and how it compares with others.

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South Asian Facial Features



Despite tremendous variability over such a large geographic area, the diverse population of the Indian subcontinent shares more Caucasoid than Mongoloid anatomical traits on the skull and face.

Compared to the East Asian, typical South Asian eyelids possess a highly exposed platform, while the typical nose shows a well-developed bridge and spine with good tip projection. Double eyelid surgery and augmentation rhinoplasty, both major cosmetic operations in East and Southeast Asia, are thus seldom performed in India.

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Cheek bones tend to be high and offer excellent support for the aging face. Buccal fat is often prominent, giving the lower cheek a rounded and, in some cases, plump contour.

While variable, the face is not uncommonly wide and the chin less rounded, more similar to "square face" features found in East Asia than in Europe. The lips are typically fuller.

Skin tone in India is comparatively dark and often uneven, more so than in Southeast Asia, accounting for the popularity of skin lightening procedures. Hair and eye colors are uniformly dark.

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The most distinct South Asian feature is the eye and surrounding periorbital structures discussed here.

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