Healing After Double Eyelid Revision

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Healing After Revision Double Eyelid Surgery

Following incisional double eyelid surgery, this patient was left with noticeably irregular scarring, multiple creases, and deep indentations located between the orbital rim and the highest crease.

Before Revision

Four Days After
Swelling can be marked.

One Month After
Although much improved, appearance is still surgical.

Three Months After
Lids are beginning to approach a new equilibrium.



Five Months After

While the new creases are now stable, subtle improvement will continue for one year or longer. Note that normal fullness between the brow and crease has been restored.

Surgical repair consisted of

excision of irregular skin scarring
release and excision of internal scarring
repositioning of fat from the orbit into the lids
fat buffering of old scars, and
reconstruction of new creases

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