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Healing Photograped to Eight Months

Crease Maturation After
Secondary Incisional Eyelid Surgery

1 - Before

Patient had undergone previous double eyelid surgery at a young age. Over many years, tissue stretching had lessened the effect.

2 - Immediately following incisional method surgery

Marked swelling below the incision line but not much bruising.

3 - Four days after

Immediately after suture removal. As is typical, the new platforms are swollen and the creases appear high and arched.

4 - Four weeks after

Beginning to look more natural although the creases are still too high.

5 - Six weeks after

Less swelling. Creases are better defined and slightly lower due to skin above the incisions beginning to thin and fold.

6 - Two months after

Creases are lower. Swelling has improved allowing the skin above to drape lower.

7 - Four months after

As internal healing continues, all tissues have softened and the creases now look natural.

8 - Six months after

Little change from two months earlier.

9 - Eight months after

Stable result showing tapered creases at near full maturation.

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