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Section: Anime Plastic Surgery

The World's Best Plastic Surgeon

Meet Frida, a prototype of what may soon become the world's best plastic surgeon. Frida excels in handling, assembling, replacing, and reconstructing teeny tiny parts more delicate than human tissue with the greatest of gentleness and safety.

Frida works much faster than any known plastic surgeon, but she isn't Chinese. Frida works much cheaper than any third-world plastic surgeon, but she isn't North Korean. Frida is much better trained than any first-world plastic surgeon, but she isn't Japanese. Frida can churn out better copies than an assembly line cloner, but she isn't South Korean.

In fact, Frida isn't even Asian. She's from Switzerland, home to the most reliable timepieces in the world (and to some very secret banks).

Despite no OCD, Frida also prides herself on accuracy and is more obsessed with perfect results than any plastic surgeon or patient on the planet. She's calm, collected, focused, robotically methodical, and never seems to grow tired, bored, mad, or nervous. After all, Frida has nerves of steel.

Training Frida does not require twenty years of college, medical school, internship, residency, and fellowship at unbelievable human and economic sacrifice. Frida is essentially good to go within minutes of her creation.

And talk about cooperative, Frida is the perfect team player who never causes employers or the government the least bit of trouble. She's highly productive yet doesn't demand vacations, health insurance, or contributions to her retirement fund, and she never complains about being underpaid, overworked, or harassed.

Even though we call her "she," Frida is actually sexless, uninterested in romance, and infertile. Lacking children or a spouse, she experiences no irritation, downtime, or frustration that distract her from her task.

That said, Frida's parents reproduce like rabbits. Not only will she someday have an unlimited number of siblings but they will all be more or less identical.

Frida isn't picky about where she practices, how fancy her house is, what color to dye her hair, or which model BMW to own. She doesn't eat, sleep, drive, preen, have money, spend money, or even know about money.

Which allows Frida to remain blissfully unworried about gimmicks to promote or hinder the development of medical tourism. After all, she and her sisters can all accomplish exactly the same task for less than it costs to travel around the block, no matter where in the world that block is located.

Like all surgeons, Frida will likely one day develop tremors and dementia. Unlike the others, Frida's incredibly agile replacement fingers and memory chips snap together in several seconds.

So is she just a science fiction fantasy? No, Frida is not a matter of conjecture but simply getting a few kinks worked out of the system before making her grand appearance.

So when will she finally hang out her shingle? Probably sooner than most worried cosmetic surgeons think.

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