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V-line Face Slimming Without Surgery

Especially in South Korea, China, and Japan, "V-line" face operations continue to grow in popularity. The intent of such maxillofacial surgery is self-explanatory, namely, to reshape and slim the bones of the lower face from a U form to more of a V. The trendy term is overused and encompasses a wide variety of very different but typically complex and invasive procedures directed at wide, square, or even rounded cheeks, jaws, or chins. Prices are high.

Predictably, a number of products have emerged that claim to achieve a similar result with nothing more than 30 minutes of superficial pressure, rubbing, or stretching several times a week. Composed of plastic and rubber and perhaps a strip of Velcro, face lifters and rollers in colorful packaging are available for next to nothing compared to the cost of being cut on.

Of course, real V-line surgery slims and reshapes the facial bones, while all these doo-dads can do is stretch … well, certainly not the bones and hopefully not the overlying soft skin and muscle.

Okay, but why the big deal here when nobody really cares? After all, nobody would take these gadgets seriously. They're just things you wrap up and give as a joke to your friend stressing over her upcoming plastic surgery consultation, right?


Believe it or not, the web is full of hopeful bloggers who make it clear that while they may be a bit skeptical, they're not really all that sure. On the one hand, some commenters characterize the products as "hilarious." On the other hand, they then wonder if they really work. Many would like to "at least give them a try," but not without first qualifying that embarrassing thought with an "OMG, HAHA," and a cute little smiley.

But if the gadgets don't work, what about other non-invasive approaches like facial slimming creams, special massage techniques, or facial exercises?

Here's all we know for sure: Somebody has to be purchasing these gizmos and tutorials or they wouldn't keep proliferating.

And this, too: Hope springs eternal.

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Asian V-Line Face Slimming Without Surgery