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Cinderella Feet

Okay, so here's something you've never seen before and hopefully will never see again. Are they really Cinderella feet waiting for that one-of-a-kind enchanted glass slipper?

While beauty is indeed at issue here, they're actually about something far different: A proposed surgical procedure to add real height, a widespread but near impossible-to-achieve cosmetic desire throughout East Asia.

heel implants Source

Cosmetic surgical heel implants have been suggested at least in theory and probably a surgeon or two or three would be willing to give them a try (or has already on a depressed young lady too short to pass her flight attendant physical for Singapore or Korean Airlines).

Stoked? Well, try to contain your glee.

Unfortunately, there's not a lot of loose space available within the tight tissues beneath the bones of the foot (perhaps a half inch at most) into which an implant of silicone, permanent filler, or whatever might be placed.

Alas, Cinderella stilettos are no more than a fairy tale.

Besides, even a more modest slipper-sized implant would certainly have negative consequences on the biomechanics of walking by shifting weight inappropriately, leading to chronic disorders like osteoarthritis and toe deformity, not that any of this might really matter to the truly desperate.

APSG Comment: If Lady Gaga gets wind of this, look for it to become the rage. Otherwise, stick with a pair of heel inserts placed inside your shoes rather than your feet.

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Cinderella Feet: Cosmetic heel implants to add height