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Section: Anime Plastic Surgery

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Nose Reshaping

One way to approach non-surgical nose reshaping is by injecting commercial dermal fillers like Restylane, Juvederm, or Radiesse into your delicate anatomy. Another way that's equally ill-conceived yet cheaper and safer is to use a mechanical nose lifter from Japan.

noninvasive nose reshaping

While it may look strange or even scary at first glance, just remember that there's nothing that fun about having a doctor sticking needles into your nose.

In fact, why bother with a doctor? With this gizmo, you can do the job yourself.

Just slip the contoured steel and silicone over your nose and flip the switch. The supports hold your nose in place while the magic then occurs.

Gentle electronic vibrations applied from the bottom, front, and side stimulate growth of the nasal bone to make it firmer and higher. All it takes is three minutes of use once a day.

No pain, no bruising, no swelling, no healing time. Before long, say the ads, "you and everyone else will notice the difference!

APSG Comment: With a color this hot, you just know this thing has to work. But as good as it sounds, remember that all treatments come with risks. For instance, imagine what could happen if you fell asleep and left on the power for, say, ten or twenty minutes. Or forgot and used it twice a day. Or put it on upside down. Or couldn't get it off and had to go to work with it still on your face.

And while cheaper than injecting fillers, at $144 plus shipping it seems to us a bit overpriced, especially when you can buy a similar device on amazon for 75 cents (although it only pinches rather than vibrates and so possibly doesn't work as well).

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Non-surgical nose reshaping from Japan